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Scientific Software

Choices in scientific software

Research money should preferably be used for research - software licences belong to the eighties of the previous century. Also, performing up-to-date science should be possible without being forced to buy a new computer every five years. Below, some open source and freeware solutions are given. Linux is the primary platform. However, all proposed software packages also have a Windows port or are native Windows packages that can be used in Linux through Wine. The main reason for Windows compatibility at this stage is to facilitate a smooth transition.

Main functionality

Other free statistical programs

LibreOffice, Octave, R, and Wine are readily available in, for example, Ubuntu Linux.

Software related to my scientific publications

Other ophthalmic software

Up-to-date science with low resources

The solutions as offered below are a mixture of open source and freeware, mainly DOS, some Linux. Old hardware is sufficient to get everything up and running. However, it is not a museum! Everthing can be used on modern hardware as well. This avoids waste of time during the mastering of yet another program.


Homemade DOS programs

Other DOS software

Many of the programs as presented below are stripped down versions of the original software, dating back to the time I was using an XT with 20 Mb HD, and, later, a 386 with 120 Mb HD. The programs are, however, still fully functional and can be used on any modern DOS-compatible system. Many of these programs are DOS ports of Unix programs and they are still widely used in the academic world, especially in the field of mathematics and physics.


Linux on old hardware

Today, an up-to-date browser and word-excel-powerpoint compatible software are inevitable to keep in touch with the scientific world. Here DOS failed to survive the battle. Fortunately, Linux offers this compatibility - also for old hardware: with 64-128 Mb RAM and 500 Mb HD space, BasicLinux version 2.1 running Opera version 8.54 or 9.27 and OpenOffice version 1.1.5 can be used. Look at my BasicLinux page for the software needed and installation instructions.

latest update: 4-4-2017

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