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Choices in scientific software

Research money should preferably be used for research - software licences belong to the eighties of the previous century. Also, performing up-to-date science should be possible without being forced to buy a new computer every five years. Below, some open source and freeware solutions are given. Linux is the primary platform. However, all proposed software packages also have a Windows port or are native Windows packages that can be used in Linux through Wine. The main reason for Windows compatibility at this stage is to facilitate collaboration and a smooth transition.

Main functionality

Other free statistical programs

LibreOffice, Octave, R, and Wine are readily available in, for example, Ubuntu Linux.

Software and data related to my scientific publications

Other ophthalmic software

Old scientific software - still running - C:\>

Sometimes, it is convenient to use old software - it avoids waste of time during the mastering of yet another program. Also, old files may contain highly valuable data - but only if you are able to read them. Many of the DOS programs as presented below are stripped down versions of the original software, dating back to the time I was using an XT with 20 Mb HD (16-bit), and, later, a 386 with 120 Mb HD (32-bit). The programs are, however, still fully functional. The 16-bit programs run flawlessly in DOSBox, a DOS emulator available for Linux and Windows; the 32-bit programs are nowadays sometimes more challenging.

latest update: 31-1-2019

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