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The final aim of our research is to improve glaucoma care by contributing to the development of evidence-based, protocolised, and tailor-made testing strategies for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma: what test should be performed when in which person and what should be done with the test result. Many projects use data collected in the "Groningen Longitudinal Glaucoma Study", a longitudinal observational study with almost 1000 participants, begun in 2000. Other projects comprise epidemiology and physics - the latter in an unconventional mix of biophysics, optics, and psychophysics. The various themes converge into the central theme of early processing in the visual system: how are objects imaged on the retina and how are the images subsequently coded in robust neural information.

Current group members

Ronald Bierings (PhD student; MD) / Giorgia Demaria (PhD student; MSc psychology) / Tuomas Heikka (PhD student; MSc biophysics) / Nomdo Jansonius (group leader; biophysicist, ophthalmologist) / Catarina Joao (PhD student; MSc biomedical technology-instrumentation and medical signals) / Tim de Jong (PhD student; MSc applied physics) / Francisco Junoy Montolio (PhD student; MD) / Allison Loiselle (PhD student; MSc space physiology and health) / Anna Neustaeter (PhD student; MSc quantitative genomics) / Tom Overkempe (master of medicine student) / Kunliang Qiu (PhD student; ophthalmologist) / Lorenzo Scanferla (PhD student; MSc integrative neuroscience) / Margriet de Vries (PhD student; ophthalmologist) / Christiaan Wesselink (PhD student; ophthalmologist) / Kim Westra (research coordinator; ophthalmic technician)

Former PhD students

Kim van Gaalen (biology) / Govert Heeg (ophthalmology) / Michael Marcus (epidemiology) / Marrie van der Mooren (applied physics) / Rogier Muskens (ophthalmology) / Khay Nio (PhD; ophthalmology) / Remco Stoutenbeek (ophthalmology)

Former master students

Nancy Aychoua (medicine) / Casper van Berkel (medicine) / Marije de Boer (medicine) / Marieke Janssens (medicine) / Francisco Junoy Montolio (medicine) / Wilma Meems (medicine) / Annette van Norel (medicine) / Dirk Ponsioen (medicine) / Lucas Stam (physics) / Susanne Stayen (medicine) / Remco Stoutenbeek (medicine) / Christiaan Wesselink (medicine)

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